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Don Benito Bandoneon Method
Book 1 . Beginner to Intermediate

Book 1 introduces you to the first right-hand musical notes and simple left-hand chords. CD Included: 28 Audio tracks and 12 Videos.

Don Benito Bandoneon Method
Book 2 . Intermediate to Advanced

You will learn about the shades and expressions of the bandoneon in order to interpret tango, waltz and milonga arrangements. CD Included: 17 Audio tracks and 5 Videos.

Don Benito Bandoneon Method
MORE . Supplementary Material

Besides the books 1 and 2 of Don Benito bandoneon method, you can excersise even more with the supplementary material, which includes 2 Vals for an advance level (Flor de Lino & Tu Palida Voz) and an intermediate supplementary material as well.

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